Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sports Rehabilitation Care in Coimbatore

Many athletes suffer from severe sports injury. It is highly essential for them to come up again with an improved and stable health to move forward in their career. The team of experts in Ortho One, consist of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers and sports physicians, who help you improve your performance, and get you back the ability to do what you love, in a much better way.

Our department is equipped with all the finest and modern equipments which helps to handle all the musculo skeletal problems, pain and dysfunction. We are equipped with Cryo unit, Resistance Bands & Tubes, Balance board, Rigid Tape, Athletic Tape, Kinesiology tape, Dry Needling Treadmill, Cross trainer, Hydraulic weights, Free weights, Swiss ball and Medicine ball.

Our experts work to find the actual cause of the sports injury and thus, treatments are provided to the patients accordingly. Patients receive sports rehabilitation care in a safe and comfortable environment. A simple change in training or a small correction in equipment may be all that is needed. If the evaluation shows a more serious problem, we will work with the patient and physician to create a comprehensive plan of therapy.

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Ortho One, the orthopaedic speciality centre in Coimbatore, offers you the best sports rehabilitation care in Coimbatore. We aim to serve our patient in a trusty and worthy manner so as to make them return to their healthy state as quick and safe as possible.

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