Friday, 22 May 2015

Knee Replacement

Knee joint is a complex joint which is made up of femur, tibia and patella. This structure enable us to walk, climb, run etc. When the articular cartilage is wears out ( it is the protective lining of the knee) causes pain. The knee pain is the most commonly occurring problem among elder and middle aged people. Arthritis is the main reason for knee pain. Its common symptoms are swelling of the joints, deformity, loss of motion etc.

Knee anatomy

The wear and tear may due to injury like fracture, dislocation, ligament injury etc . And also it occurs with out injury. The other common cause of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. It effects the soft tissue covering and gradually it will destroys the articular cartilage.

The knee replacement surgery does not involve removal of complete joint. It resurfacing the superficial diseased surface. Artificial joints are designed to each individual knees and it functions as same as the movements of the normal knee.
Artificial knee

When the knee pain prevent us from a happy life and have severe arthritis in knee then it will lead to a knee replacement surgery. 

Ortho-One provides you best and effective partial and total  knee replacement.

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