Monday, 1 July 2019

Calf Muscle Stretch: Simple But Effective

The calf muscle is the primary group of muscles which bears the weight of the entire body and enables us to stand erect. They are the most active muscles helping our daily activity and tend to get tight.  Women who stand and work in the kitchen for long hours often get calf muscle pain. As the muscle works both at the foot and knee, it can cause pain. Performing calf stretch regularly will be a preventive way to avoid such problems.

Selecting the correct method, correct dosage of exercise is also the key for obtaining good results. When the stretch is done, there will be a sense of stretch followed by pain and it will be due to the stretching of the muscle.

The body has to be held in that position where you feel the stretch and you can count till 20.  Perform 5 times of these stretch exercises in a session and during the day. 

This is recommended for people facing knee pain, foot pain, and sometimes back pain. It is also applicable for those who work in a standing position for long hours,and also for those who walk a lot, regular Gym goers, Sports athletes etc.

Mr.Ganesan - HOD of our Physiotherapy Dept recommends these simple exercises for everyone.

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