Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Tennis Elbow

"Though this condition is known as Tennis Elbow, this is not commonly seen in Tennis Players. It is also termed as elbow lateral epicondylitis. All age groups go through Tennis Elbow, especially the working class. It can occur either due to a single injury or repetitive work pattern. Usually one has pain along the outer aspect of the elbow (lateral epicondyle of the elbow). It occurs due to inflammation of the extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon. During the acute inflammatory phase, it is always advisable to take adequate rest with anti-inflammatory medications.  Unfortunately, majority of the population do neglect treatment and continue working in spite of the pain.  At one point of time the pain will become more severe and non-responsive to medication, but 60 percentage of initial pain will get healed completely over a period of one year.

Patients not responding to anti-inflammatory medication may need steroid injections at the site of inflammation.

Before using steroid injection, one must be aware of its pros and cons.  It is the duty of the practitioner to make the patient aware of  steroid injection and its benefits.  If epicondylitis progresses to an advanced stage,  it may result in complete or partial tear of the ECRB. In such cases, with partial tear, there is a definite role for PRP  (platelet rich plasma ) injections which yield complete relief in 50% of cases.

Complete tear may fail to heal by itself and necessitates repair of the ECRB tendon to the bone followed by a structured Physiotherapy to yield complete functional outcome" says Dr. M. Shyam Sundar of Ortho-One, a Specialist in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine.

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